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Announcer: All Business Media presents the Professional's Roundtable. Hear what's hot in the professional world. Timely topics to propel your career to the next level. Professional's Roundtable, with CJ McCall. Exclusively on All Business Media.

CJ McCall: Welcome back to the Professional's Roundtable here at ABM-FM, where it is all business, all the time.

CJ McCall: Today on the show, from Columbus, Ohio, we have the owner of Comprehensive Vitality. We're going to talk about holistic health and meditation today and you can check out the website at comprehensivevitality.com. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming to the show Sybil Baker.

CJ McCall: Sybil, welcome to the show.

Sybil Baker: Thank you CJ. Thanks for inviting me to be on the show. I'm looking forward to this.

CJ McCall: Well, we are very glad to have you and we are excited to talk about Comprehensive Vitality. Why don't you kick it off and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

Sybil Baker: My company provides solutions that restore and revitalize people who are basically tired of feeling pain and tired of being challenged with mobility issues and frustrated that their bodies are limiting them so they can't live the life that they had hoped to live. We work with people that have injury from accidents or from surgery, traumas or illnesses. We balance the physical body, and then we also use different tools to balance the emotional and spiritual aspects of the body too.

CJ McCall: What type of tools are you speaking of specifically? What do you like to use?

Sybil Baker: For the physical body, I use a form of healing , a therapeutic body work that's called Muscle Release Therapy. It's a technique that was developed by Dennis Gibbons that balances and realigns the body so that, as we go through life we get injuries and we just keep going on and then our body has to compensate to keep us moving forward, so over time we have compensated compensations and then you get compensated, compensated compensations and pretty soon you have joint disease then you've got gait problems and you get pains and those kinds of things. This technique is beautiful in that it's a very light touch, but it works very deeply in the body and it rebalances all those and it re-sets it back to the pre-compensation place, in most cases. It's very phenomenal work and I've just really enjoyed using it as my primary muscle or body work that I use.

CJ McCall: So, Sybil tell me ... before I do ask about your approach, tell me about your background. Where did this all start for you? What made you want to pursue this line of work?

Sybil Baker: The universe tricked me and got me here. I did labor and delivery nursing for many years and I have my Master's in Nursing and was working as a clinical nurse specialist for high risk, labor and delivery and antepartum nursing, which is pregnancy with problems, and a lot of our clients that had problems with pregnancy got put on bedrest. You know if you lay in bed for being sick or whatever, your body just gets weak and it gets tired of laying around. Just imagine being pregnant and having to lay there for a week or months before you could deliver. We asked physical therapy to come and help us out and do some body work with the clients and because they were pregnant, they wouldn't. I said, "Well, nurses can do massage so I'll go to massage school. I'll learn how to do massage. We'll create a program," which was one of my jobs to create programs, "and we'll have the nurses do that."

Sybil Baker: So, as luck would have it, or as coincidences would have it, or God-instances, however you call it, when I graduated from massage school I got downsized from my position. So….. I was sitting on the corner with all my books and learning and I said, "Now what?" So, I hung up my shingle and I started doing massage therapy. It was really an interesting shift for me. I hadn't considered that before, but, I have been in the healing field all of, all of, that's what I was interested in, that's what I've been pulled to all of my life.

CJ McCall: Now tell me, let's talk about your approach to a new client. I know you like to incorporate mediation. You talked about that a little bit. Why don't you elaborate?

Sybil Baker: Okay. If you were going to come to see me, I would ask you to fill out basically a brief history, what kinds of problems you have, what challenges that you have in your body, any accidents, surgeries, those kinds of things. And then we would have a discussion about those things and what's worked to help relieve them or what makes them worse. We would talk about what your goals were for coming to seek treatment with me. And then, what I would do is, I would put together a plan for you that would include different things. If it was a physical problem, it would involve some muscle release therapy. It may also involve an energy technique that I use called Pranic Healing, which works in the energy body and helps clear out diseased and used-up energy, and then again helps restore that life force energy so the body could ramp up.

Sybil Baker: If it's more severe illness, then what we like to do is also add into your protocol a meditation, which is called Mediation on Twin Hearts, that's kind of a technical mediation, though it's very simple. What it does is it clears out diseased energy, stress energy, and it opens up the heart and it opens up the crown, so it allows the person to vibrate, basically, at a higher level and from a higher plane of being, rather than from the “grumblies in the tumblies”. They vibrate more from the heart center and the crown center.

Sybil Baker: So it's a very important adjunct to the treatment. We actually do that mediation daily, at 6:00 a.m. on a Zoom call, which I posted that link on my website if you want to go click on with us. It lasts 29 minutes. It not only heals the person who's participating in the meditation, but it also does world service because as we do the meditation, we use the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi and so we bless the earth for peace and healing through the meditation. It's a very, very powerful but very, very simple prayer and it's a way that we can come together and be of service to ourselves, but also service to the world. Because the whole world needs that right now.

CJ McCall: It certainly does. You can say that again. Sybil, before we do get out of here because we're running short on time, let me ask a final question. What is it looking like down the road for Comprehensive Vitality? What's your next step in all of this?

Sybil Baker: Well, it's a very exciting time for us right now because we're in the process of expanding. We're trying to get more space and we're ... and my eye's concept of the Comprehensive Vitality is not only to have body work, energy work, we have essential oils. I have some other technologies that help, again, balance the body. My own struggles in my physical body have led me to seek more and more ways to help other's bodies heal too. I learned very quickly when I started massage that what I learned in massage school wasn't going to solve all the problems of the people I wanted to see, which are people with challenges, right? So we're in the process of growing that capacity so people can come in and get their assessment and then get their comprehensive plan for them, individualized for them, to help their body regain its vitality and its health and its longevity.

CJ McCall: Now, finally for our listeners out there that may want to get in touch with Comprehensive Vitality, what is the easiest way to do so?

Sybil Baker: Probably the most reliable way would be go to the website comprehensivevitality.com and there's a place that says Contact Me. It will send me your email and telephone number, and then just put in there I want an appointment or I want a consult or I'd like to learn more about whatever. That's probably the most reliable way for people to contact me right now.

CJ McCall: All right. Perfect. Now, Sybil, I want to thank you again for joining us on the show today. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I wish you the best of luck moving forward from here.

Sybil Baker: Well, thank you CJ. Thank you so much again for inviting me and for the opportunity to talk with. I really appreciate it. Have a great day.

CJ McCall: Thanks. You too.

CJ McCall: This is the Professional's Roundtable here at AMB-FM, where it is all business, all the time. We will return shortly with more interviews. Stay tuned.

Announcer: All Business Media presents the Professional's Roundtable. Hear what's hot in the professional world. Timely topics to propel your career to the next level. Professional's Roundtable, with CJ McCall. Exclusively on All Business Media.

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