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Announcer: All Business Media presents The Professionals Roundtable. Hear what's hot in the professional world. Timely topics to propel your career to the next level. Professionals Roundtable with Rick Delgado, exclusively on All Business Media.

Rick: Welcome to All Business Media, where it's all business, all the time, and I'm your host, Rick Delgado and welcoming back to the show, is a lovely lady based out of Columbus, Ohio. She's the owner, founder, CEO and President of Comprehensive Vitality, Inc. You can actually give them a call at 614-580-8218 or go to the website comprehensivevitality.com. That's comprehensivevitality.com. I am talking about Sybil Baker. Sybil, welcome to the show and how are you?

Sybil: Yes, I'm glad to be here. I'm doing fine, how about yourself?

Rick: I'm doing well. Thank you for taking time out of your day to join us. Now before we get started, do me a favor, because we always have new people checking us out for the first time, just tell everybody a little bit about yourself and exactly what you do.

Sybil: Well, I have a company that works with people to teach them goals of vitality and wellness and even longevity. We have a collection of manual techniques, energy techniques, essential oils and different support for the system to help them regain that place where they want to be. That's primarily what we do.

Rick: Right. How long have you been doing this?

Sybil: Many years. It's been more than 20 years.

Rick: Wow. You're actually an RN as well, right? You're a nurse?

Sybil: Yes, that's correct. I have my Masters in Nursing.

Rick: Now, in terms of people when they come to work with you for the first time, again since we have people checking us out for the first time as well, just go through the quick how you go about getting the whole process started, and getting them to feeling better, and feeling healthier?

Sybil: Okay, well if you were coming in to see me for the first time, I would ask you to talk to me about what was going on. What your challenges were, what your goals were, what you wanted to achieve. Then we would look at the options that I have available for you and we'd create and individualized treatment plan for you. So that's how I usually start people.

Rick: Right. Now, what are you finding is, when you are working with people and you've been going down this road with Comprehensive Vitality, what is the one thing that kind of jumps out at you? What are you seeing a lot of?

Sybil: Lots of things. A lot of things.

Rick: You sound like Mr. T.

Sybil: What?

Rick: I said you sound like Mr. T there, from Rocky 3. Pain.

Sybil: Oh pain. There's a lot of pain. People have injuries from accidents, or they have pain from surgery, pain from disease.
Rick: Right.

Sybil: They have pain from stress, emotional things too. A lot of the people I see have some kind of physical pain.

Rick: All right. Now, from what I understand, and I've been hearing a lot about the holistic medicine, and stuff like this that a lot of times, pain whether it be in your back or its manifested somewhere else in your body, it actually comes from an interruption of a flow. Of energy, of stuff like that. Blood flow as well, just things not working correctly. Am I on the right path there?

Sybil: Yeah, I have three ways of looking at this, so if you don't mind if I talk about it a little bit?
Rick: No, go ahead.

Sybil: I like to think about the way our body works is like plumbing. It sounds kind of funny, but if you look at your cardiovascular system, we have a big pump which is the heart. It pumps around the blood, which if you think about it as the water, and it goes through pipes which would be your arteries and your veins. Right? So if there becomes a blockage in the pipe, it's like a bathroom sink. If something gets clogged up in the pipes of the sink, then the water gets backed up and it won't go through.

Sybil: Same way in our body. If the blood gets backed up, it could get back up in the heart. It could cause problems with heart. It could back up in the lungs, so people would have trouble with breathing. It could back up in the ankles and the legs, so then you have the swelling. I can back up actually in the abdomen, and then they have what's called Ascites, or water in the belly. And the whole body eventually can just get backed up with all this fluid if there's a block in the system long enough.

Sybil: A part of what I look at is how is that blood circulating, and then there's manual techniques of massage. That can help release some of that back up just by relieving the muscles, the ones that are extra contracted, and like that.

Sybil: The other system that's parallel with the blood system, they're tied together really a lot, is the lymphatic system.

Rick: Okay.

Sybil: Also a closed system, it has like the arteries and veins, and it's closely parallel to the veins of the body, but it's primary function is fluid balance. So as our blood goes into where the cells are, in the capillary bed, it has to go out there to deliver oxygen and nutrients to our cells, and then it picks up and returns carbon dioxide and the waste products of cellular metabolism. So a fair amount of fluid that gets into that space around the cells, doesn't make it back to the bloodstream. So that's the job of the lymphatic system.

Rick: Right.

Sybil: It can actually collect one to two liters a day, and it has the capacity of about 10 liters actually. So it collects that fluid and then returns it back to the blood supply.

Sybil: So when these two systems back up, basically what happens is the cells aren't going to get the oxygen they need. They’ll have decreased nutrition. They have a build up of their waste products, which then will drop the PH in the body and then irritates the nerves, and that's where we get the pain from it.

Sybil: So the lymphatic technique actually works at the level of the lymphatic, and it helps move the lymphatics, a very light touch through the blockages. Blockages can come from direct injury. Like an auto accident, from surgery, it can even come from emotional trauma, those blockages.

Sybil: So those two work pretty much hand in hand. But, without getting those fluids going, it's really hard to release the pain. In fact, if I do lymphatic first, I often have to do less physical massage because really it's that stuck fluid that is in there.

Sybil: Then the third level which is very important. I think it probably is the most important.

Rick: Okay.

Sybil: Is the etheric body. You know our body is visible. Most people see our visible physical, but we also have an invisible component which is called an invisible physical. It has also circulation channels in it, like the arteries and veins, they happen to be called meridians, or nadis. And so the energy circulates through those meridians.

Sybil: If you go to an acupuncturist, the acupuncturist will put in needles, right? And they either increase the flow of the energy through the meridian, or they decrease the flow of the energy to achieve that balance.

Sybil: So in addition to those energy channels, there are also these power points, where you have an energy center which is called a chakra, that feeds your vital organs. For example, where we relate to the world, is through our solar plexus chakra. That feeds your stomach, feeds your liver, feeds your pancreas, feeds your diaphragm, and to a large extent, your large and small intestines.

Sybil: So think of a time when you got stressed, and think about what your stomach felt like when you got stressed. Right?

Rick: Right.

Sybil: It gets tight. Sometimes it gets painful, sometimes you feel nauseated. So that's related to the energy components. When it gets “stuck stuff”, which is an official word,

Rick: Right.

Sybil: in the energy centers, then the fresh energy can't come in to feed the organs, and again, the used up energy can't get out from that place. Soooo, there's a big build up. It either looks like a depletion, which would be your pipe in your sink underneath the clog. Or it looks like congestion, which would be your sink above the clog that keeps filling up with the water.

Sybil: And, so all of these systems, if they're not flowing properly like you said, they create conditions that then put strain on the ability of the body to heal itself and to refresh itself and get proper oxygen, nutrition, and elimination of waste products.

Rick: So it almost sounds like you're playing the role of the plumber trying to make sure everything gets flowing again because you've got backups happening, right?

Sybil: That's right. Just don't tell the plumber you said that but yes.

Rick: Now, what are some of the things from these backups, what are some of the side effects of not getting that flow getting through?

Sybil: All right, well look at the system again. If you look at the blood system, if the fluid backs up in your ankles and you get swollen feet or swollen ankles, and then the fluid goes back up to the heart from the lower extremity through the veins. So it puts extra pressure on our veins. Then maybe you'll end up with varicosities, or you'll end up with stagnation in the tissue because of the build of waste products which could manifest as cellulitis or some kind of something. I can't tell you exactly what it would be, but those kind of things.

Rick: Yeah you know what, I guess that was what I was really looking to hear. Because of the back ups, so you're going to have this fluid that for all intents and purposes could be a waste byproduct, and it's going to come back into the system, right?

Sybil: Well it is a build- up of waste products which actually then blocks the ability of the blood to deliver oxygen and nutrition to the cells at the rate they need to maintain healthy metabolism. Which is what gives us our health and vitality, and prolongs our life.

Rick: Yeah but I would assume this has the potential to really cause some bad, let's face it, all of a sudden you start getting sick and it's almost like you're poisoning your own body, right?

Sybil: Correct, yeah. The toxin can't get out because the blood can't circulate it.

Rick: Right.

Sybil: Yup.

Rick: Alright well good. See I'm following along-

Sybil: You are, you're very good.

Rick: Yeah we're talking to our guest Sybil Baker, she is the owner and founder of Comprehensive Vitality, Inc. out of Columbus, Ohio. She's got some interesting ways to make sure that you can return vitality and good health to yourself.

Rick: Make sure you reach out to her, either by phone at 614-580-6218 or better yet, go to the website comprehensivevitality.com. That's comprehensivevitality.com. When you get there, you'll see that you can read about her, the services and rates that she offers.

Rick: Can you schedule something online?

Sybil: Oh, well they can, right now currently, they can send me a request for an appointment, and then we'll-

Rick: Okay, so they can at least get that process started?

Sybil: Yeah, that's on the website. They just contact me and say that they'd like an appointment.

Rick: Right. And it's all right there on the website. Make sure you get there, comprehensivevitality.com.

Rick: Gotta take a quick break. When we come back, more with Sybil Baker, after these words right here on All Business Media.

Announcer: All Business Media presents The Professionals Roundtable. Hear what's hot in the professional world. Timely topics to propel your career to the next level. Professionals Roundtable with Rick Delgado. Exclusively on All Business Media.

Rick: Welcome back to All Business media, and yes I am your host Rick Delgado, and again we're sitting with our guest Sybil Baker. She is the owner, founder, CEO, and president of Comprehensive Vitality, Inc. out of Columbus, Ohio, right Sybil?

Sybil: Right.

Rick: Yes, you are. You are all those things, you wear all those hats and of course you can help people get on the road to better health and vitality. Just reach out to her, either by phone 614-580-8218 or comprehensivevitality.com. That's the website, comprehensivevitality.com. Again, you can contact her through there, or request the starting of the process and how she's able to help you.

Rick: Also check out some of the services including, I guess when you're talking about what we were covering in the beginning, in that first segment there Sybil. Would that be something connected to lymphatic drainage? Because again, you're trying to get the fluid moving?

Sybil: Correct, yes. Lymphatic Drainage is also, massage actually moves the blood and the fluids, that's one of the things that it does. Increases circulation, so also massage does that.

Rick: All right. Now what are some of the classes that you teach?

Sybil: Well the classes that I teach primarily are related to this whole energy system. The system that I teach is called Pranic, that's p-r-a-n-i-c, healing, and it's based upon the principle that the body can heal itself. It's also based upon the principle that the life force energy, which is called “Prana” in Sanskrit, it's called “Chi” if you talk about Chi Gung, “Chi” is a Chinese. If you study Reiki, or the Japanese “Ki”, or Aikido. Almost every culture has a language for this, or a name for this life force energy.

Rick: Right.

Sybil: So what we talk about in the class, we talk about, first about that there is this life force energy, and then how it influences our body through as I already said, the meridians which are the energy channels, or “veins” if you want to call it, or “pipes” in the body. And also through the energy power points, the Chakra system.

Sybil: The energy body has several components to it besides those.

Rick: Okay.

Sybil: The Etheric body is the template of our physical body so that's what we work in pranic healing is that etheric template, and when the etheric template is strong and healthy. The physical body tends to follow.

Rick: Right.

Sybil: You will see us doing silly things, it looks like. Moving our arms around the body. It's a no-touch system of healing, and I have been teaching it since 2000 and I have seen amazing results in the application of this with people.

Rick: Okay, now when you talk about the application, what kind of application are you talking about?

Sybil: Well, you can treat the physical body, like if you have headaches, or burns, or cuts, or broken bones. Simple things like that. You can also treat the more complex cases, which is what we teach in the advanced class. So you could have heart disease for example.

Sybil: I had a guy who had injured his heart through the complications of a virus, and his heart was very enlarged. It was not pumping much blood. Your heart's supposed to pump about 60% of it's blood volume out with every stroke. His was pumping out about 8%.

Rick: Oh wow.

Sybil: So he wasn't really able to do too much. He was waiting for a heart transplant, and he was not able to work or anything. I met this man several months, I would say five months after this happened to him, and we did healing on him. Four weeks later, he wrote on his intake form, "today I ran up the stairs and then I realized I did it."

Sybil: Then another six weeks after that, he and his wife went horseback riding in Sedona. Then, about 10 months after we started, he got another scan of his heart, and his heart was now working at 25-30%. Everything else had stayed the same except for that. That's quite a profound result. Eventually he got 45% back of his heart function, and he was able to get off the transplant list.

Rick: Wow.

Sybil: So, that's just one remarkable story.

Rick: Okay.

Sybil: I can tell you a ton of them.

Rick: Okay, so you're able to help this gentleman with his heart condition. What kind of method did you use to address this issue?

Sybil: Okay so, Master Choa Kok Sui is the founder of modern pranic healing, and he was born into the healing family in the Philippines. He's a Chinese- decent Philippino. He spent a good part of his life time researching different diseases, and he developed these protocols, or they're like recipes. So you just get the recipe out for enlarged heart, for example, and then you just follow the recipe. You just do the step by step method.

Rick: So it's that easy-

Sybil: Yeah, that easy. You just follow it.

Rick: So you're saying, it's that easy. It almost sounds like anybody can just kind of pick up the paper, and follow the recipe is what you're saying?

Sybil: It is so simple, Rick, that people try to make it complicated because it doesn't seem like it could work.

Rick: Now, you've got a background as a nurse?

Sybil: I do.

Rick: Now, when you see things like this, does it really kind of call into question everything you learned from traditional medicine?

Sybil: No, it doesn't, but-

Rick: Oh, okay.

Sybil: It did stretch my brain when I started.

Rick: I was going to say-

Sybil: But when I do healing, like I had a lady once, she had something in her throat, so I was just waving my arms around in front of her throat, and her throat turned colors. Part of it turned red, part of it turned white. Just like I had been doing something on her physical body. So her circulation in that area of her skin changed.

Sybil: You know that's pretty amazing to look at and say “Wow! Something happened here!”. I will confess that for more than a year or two after I started doing this modality, even while I was teaching it, I would be waving my arms around in front of someone and my brain would say, "Woman! What are you doing!? Do you really think that something's going to happen because you're standing here waving your arms around?"

Sybil: But over, and over, and over again we saw amazing and miraculous things. Now, can I guarantee that for you? I cannot.

Rick: Right.

Sybil: But I've seen so many amazing things. I just keep doing it because my mission is to help people, alleviate pain and suffering. So, if I can help people doing this, I'm going to help people doing it.

Rick: All right-

Sybil: The other thing that it really helps with is with emotional stuff, which is our level three class.

Rick: Oh yeah?

Sybil: Our mental and emotional well-being, so it helps with stress, it helps with trauma, it helps with grief. It helps with phobias, obsessions, compulsions and it helps with drug addiction. It helps with depression, suicide tendencies. Those kind of things.

Rick: Right, now-

Sybil: Very simple, again and very powerful.

Rick: Can you apply it to military members with PTSD?

Sybil: Yes you can. There's protocol for PTSD, indeed.

Rick: Very nice. You know what, ever since you told me about the heart guy, I want to hear another story.

Sybil: You want to hear another story?

Rick: Well something that, again, when you hear somebody's on a list for a heart transplant, that seems like it's, you know you're on that list, you're on that list. You're not getting off that list, Sybil.

Sybil: Well, I'll tell you a personal story.

Rick: Okay.

Sybil: So, my father had some illnesses at the end of his life, and he succumbed to them. My mother was his caretaker for a long time. We probably didn't realized how exhausted she had gotten taking care of him. So shortly after he left the body, she ended up in the emergency room a couple hours from death's door step.

Sybil: Her kidneys had failed and so she just barely made it there in time. She was on dialysis, and so when you have someone who you love, and you want them to get better or else, which would be my position with my mother, then you ask another healer to do it (the healing). Because you don't want to be too attached to the outcome, you want to care about the outcome but too much attachment can cause willfullness, it causes injury or it can complicate the matter.

Sybil: So I asked another fellow pranic healing colleague, to do healing for my mother, and we have a regeneration technique. She did a regeneration of the kidney technique, and my mother's kidneys healed and she's still alive today. My father left the body in 2008.

Rick: Wow.

Sybil: So it's been almost 10 years.

Rick: Wow, so she's bounced back fairly well then?

Sybil: She bounced back incredibly. Incredibly. Thank God she went to the hospital when she did or we wouldn't be celebrating her next birthday, right?

Rick: Right. Wow. Now, let's face it Sybil, we're around that time of year. The holidays. People start, it's supposed to be a happy time, but there's also an influx or an uptick, I should say, of anxiety and depression and stuff like that that comes along. Can you help people with that type of thing too, if they're suffering this time of year?

Sybil: Well what you have to remember is that everything is energy, okay? So if you make a thought, that's energy and it goes out. Like if you put a rock or pebble in water, those ripples go out. So whenever you think a thought, that's energy and you send that out. What happens, sometimes, is when people have a repetitive negative thought, that it actually starts influencing them by residing in their energy body.

Sybil: So it starts influencing them and then they start making more negative thoughts, and more negative emotion. So basically if we can flush that energy out of the energy system, and we can also regulate the flow of energy through the higher centers like the heart and the crown, then that person will feel better just because the vibration has changed, and because the aura can now breathe, they can get energy.

Rick: Right.

Sybil: So yeah, it's really quite amazing once you realize everything is energy. I'll tell you a story you'll appreciate.

Rick: Okay.

Sybil: We had a lady once who I met at an introductory lecture. She had been diagnosed with cancer and she had a very terrible kind of cancer. She had been through a lot, and her personality was not a very pleasant one, let's just say.

Sybil: She started coming to our clinic, we had a weekly clinic for pranic healing, and she was a challenge to us because of her mental state, and her words that she would come out with.

Rick: Right.

Sybil: Had Blue smoke with them, you know?

Rick: Okay.

Sybil: She just was just very demanding and very challenging. But we kept working with her because we understand is that the condition of the energy centers, the condition of the chakras, influence the behavior of the person. And if your body has such severe disease, then you know the condition of the energy centers is not healthy. Otherwise, you wouldn't get that disease, right?

Rick: Yeah . Everything, like you said earlier, everything would be flowing nicely and you'd be healthy.

Sybil: Right. So we just kept working with her. We worked with her for about one year, and her whole personality shifted. She became our hostess with the mostest. She would greet people, she would bring in brownies. She was amazingly, radically different person, and it really showed us, it validated for us the teachings.

Rick: Right

Sybil: Right, that the energy systems when they're healthy and when they're strong, and when the vibration of the body is raised, that the personality is affected. It was really a very good lesson for us, and a validation of the teaching.

Rick: Right. Wow, yeah. Those are some great, interesting stories Sybil. Definitely. You're talking about these things, that for the most part people would be, "huh, how are you able to do that?" Well you know what? Reach out to Sybil Baker, and she can explain to you what she does, and how she does it, and how she can get you moving forward. Feeling better, living better, supporting you to better health and longevity.

Again the name of the company, Comprehensive Vitality, Inc. out of Columbus, Ohio. Comprehensivevitality.com, that's comprehensivevitality.com is the website, or give her a call directly. 614-580-8218.

Rick: Sybil, great stuff today. Thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it.

Sybil: Well thank you Rick. I’m delighted to speak with you again.

Rick: Yeah, you too.

Sybil: Have a great rest of the day.

Rick: Yeah, you too. Enjoy your weekend, and we'll be back with more on All Business wee- All Business Media right after these words.

Announcer: All Business Media presents The Professionals Roundtable. Hear what's hot in the professional world. Timely topics to propel your career to the next level. Professionals Roundtable with Rick Delgado. Exclusively on All Business Media.

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