Are you ready to embrace the power of
Pranic Healing? The time is now, and
right here are all the details about our
next Pranic Healing Level 1 class!

Now is the time to discover the healing power of energy! In these two days, not only will you learn how to use energy and power to heal yourself, but also how to transfer that energy to others using the bountiful supply of prana that surrounds us. We’ll cover everything from the anatomy of energy, how to effectively relieve stress, and the step-by-step techniques that have been in use for centuries in the East but are virtually unused in the West.

This is the gateway course for all of our other healing classes and an amazing two day session that will leave you recharged and looking for more … with the knowledge of how to get it! The prerequisite for this course is simple - bring yourself and the positive energy you already have, we’ll teach you the rest!

August 5th-6th

683 Cooper Rd, Westerville, Ohio 43081

9.30am to 5.30pm

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