Pranic Healing Level I

Miracles thru Pranic Healing® (Basic Pranic Healing®)

(LEVEL I) Discover the secrets of energy! Use energy and the power of energy to heal yourself and others. This is a two-day course (16 hours) in which you will learn:

  • self-healing and meditations
  • energetic anatomy
  • preventative healing
  • energy first-aid
  • immediate stress relief
  • self-decontamination
  • self-recharging
  • distant healing
  • step-by-step healing system techniques

*This is the prerequisite class to all other Pranic Healing® classes.

Advanced Pranic Healing Level II

Advanced Pranic Healing® (LEVEL II)

Project color pranic energies to produce very rapid healing for severe and difficult ailments. By using the will and special visualization skills taught in this course, you can focus color energies to the receiver to produce accelerated healing. This is a two-day course (16 hours) in which you will learn:

  • rapid cleansing and advanced energizing techniques for delicate and non-delicate organs and chakras
  • how to activate and inhibit chakras to speed up recovery from severe ailments
  • how to energize the immune system
  • immediate first-aid techniques for cuts and burns

*Prerequisite: Basic Pranic Healing®

Pranic Psychotherapy Level III

Pranic Psychotherapy® (LEVEL III)

Learn to alleviate emotional and psychological ailments by removing negative thought forms and emotional entities that are attached to the aura and critical energy centers. By using advanced energetic extraction techniques on the affected chakras, phobias, addictions, compulsions, and depression can be lessened in a very short time without the recipient revealing any potentially embarrassing personal information. This is a two-day course (16 hours) in which you will learn:

  • self-healing for tension, irritability, grief, and anxiety
  • how to repair damaged/cracked chakral protective webs
  • how to purge negative programming acquired during childhood
  • shielding techniques to protect your chakras and aura

*Prerequisite: Basic Pranic Healing®

Pranic Crystal Healing Level IV

Pranic Crystal Healing® (LEVEL IV)

Harness the power of Mother Earth’s precious gifts. Use crystal power to enhance your healing ability (by 200x or more), spirituality, and prosperity. This is a two-day class (16 hours) in which you will learn:

  • consecration of crystals to increase their power by 1000% or more
  • the five factors that determine the real potency of a crystal
  • proper laying of crystals for anchoring specific energies
  • ways to quickly extract negative emotions and diseased energies from the aura
  • how to program crystals for healing

*Prerequisite: Basic Pranic Healing®